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Menus For Preschool Programs2

Menus For Preschool Programs
Week 2
See menu under From Nutritionist:

Tip: Mealtime with children can be a learning experience. Below are some suggestions for teaching.

I. They can learn the names of foods by placing 3 fruits or vegetables in a bag. Let the child see the food object and tell the child the name of the objects before starting the game. Allow child to feel of the food object in the bag. Let them guess what it is and pull it out. Talk about the name and repeat the process.

II. Serve seedless grapes to the child and talk about the color.

III. Go to an apple orchard and pick apples.

IV. Use pre-cut apples and cook apples into applesauce so children can see and taste when cooled.
(Dip apples into a fruit wash to reduce oxidation.)

V. Place banana slices on toothpick and allow child to dip in chocolate and taste.

VI. Allow child to glue spices like cinnamon on paper and smell.

VII. Make pancakes with child: child can help add ingredients, mix the batter and watch from a safe distance as the pancake cooks. Allow child to help pour syrup or add fruit and cream to the pancake.

VIII. Allow child to taste a lemon and an orange slice. Talk about sour and sweet tastes.

IX. Allow child to help juice a lemon or orange. Allow child to drink orange juice or make lemonade.

X. Allow children make trail mix and place in individual snack bags.

Food for thought: Even a child is known by his actions. Proverbs 20:11

From the Nutritionist: Use a much fresh vegetables and fruits as you can. Take into consideration your budget, time of preparation, and what is in season.

Menus For Preschool Programs
Week 2

Day PM Snack

AM Snack Bagel/Orange Juice
Lunch Bologna/cheese sandwich, Steamed cauliflower/Broccoli/ carrots, Peaches, Milk
PM Snack Graham crackers/Milk

AM Snack Cereal/ Milk
Lunch Mild sausage, hash browns, Pineapple, Biscuits/jelly, Milk
PM Snack Cheese-its/Grape juice

AM Snack Cheese Toast/
Apple Juice
Lunch Taco/Lettuce, Corn, Applesauce, Milk
PM Snack Blueberry Muffin/Milk

AM Snack Cinnamon Toast/Milk
Lunch Baked Chicken, Green Beans, Biscuits, Fruit Cocktail, Milk
PM Snack Fruit bars/Juice

AM Snack Fruit Yogurt/Juice
Lunch Pizza, Veggie Slices/Broccoli, Dip, Applesauce Square, Milk
PM Snack Cheese Crackers/Milk



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