Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Menu for Independence Day Celebration

Suggested Menu
Celebration of USA Independence
Grilled Buffalo Burgers and Hot Dogs
Coleslaw Relish Plate
Homemade Potato Chips
Homemade whole-wheat buns
Homemade Ice Cream
Tip: Use patriotic plates and decorations. Hang USA flags around the area. Christians may talk about the beliefs of the founding fathers and play patriotic music like, "God bless America." The family may wish to visit a historical museum and talk about the early days of America. May make a patriotic cake, store in an airtight food storage container and take to an elderly citizen or family member. Talk about the changes that they have experienced in America. Provide noisemakers and poppers to add to the festivity.
Food for Thought:
They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 LB

Family Meal Planning
Eating Well for Wellness

God has given us the ability to choose the foods that we eat. The choices that we make affect our wellness. With the ability to choose comes the freedom to eat any thing and everything that we want. The family meal planner should be constantly aware of the benefits of foods. Menus should be balanced and nutritionally sound. The family member then is free to select the foods from the choices of the day to eat well for wellness. God’s will is that we be as healthy as we possibly can be, no matter what type of physical abilities or limitations that we have. Certain foods will help the body prevent disease. For example, adequate supplies of Vitamin C and milk prevent scurvy and rickets. Although the Holy Spirit’s primary task is to teach us about Christ, many Christians have found that the Holy Spirit opens one’s mind to the nutritional value of food choices. For example a child may desire a candy bar, but a child who has been taught the value of fruits and vegetables may choose an apple or carrot instead. People, who want to change the habit of eating too many carbohydrates because of diabetes or too much protein with iron because of heart problems, may be tempted to choose desserts or steaks over fruit cocktail or chicken casserole. That is where will power comes into the mind. The person should think about the benefits of eating well for wellness. When the choice to be healthy is made, the person is motivated to move to the next level. Look at all the choices that God made for people to enjoy on this plant earth. Some fruits, vegetables, grains and meats are from the USA while others come from India, Asia, Africa or South America. Thank God for the many, many opportunities that people have to appreciate the delights of life through food. The family meal planner should promote the sharing of feelings about foods. Since there are plenty of wholesome choices, the same nutrients can often be found in one that the eater prefers. Christians may wish to read portions of the scripture like Romans 12: 1-3 or 1 John 4:8 to reaffirm their faith in God and self. Everyone should balance food with exercise, including deep breathing, and adequate sleep. Remember that God made your physical body like it is, yet He wants you to be as well as you can be. Individuals have the ability to make food choices. We are challenged to exercise our will power to eat well for wellness.
Ice Cream
It has been said that milk is God’s most complete food because it has so many essential nutrients. Milk and milk products are excellent sources of calcium. Milk also provides protein, riboflavin, Vitamin A, phosphorus, thiamine and water. Milk that is fortified with Vitamin D helps to prevent rickets. Children need at least 4 cups of milk daily, while adults need at least 2 cups. Ice cream is a milk product that is a favorite in the summer. Homemade ice cream is easy with mixes, but may be high in sodium content. Diabetics need to adjust the sweetener to a substitute or omit. People with heart related problems should consider salt, heavy creams, and egg yolks. Read labels. A homemade mixture will be more nutritious for your family. For a thicker ice cream use cream or whole milk. For frozen ices, use fruit juice. In sherbets use skim or two percent milk. Just follow the machine manufacture’s directions. In earlier times, hand cranked mixers provided family entertainment. Today the host or hostess can enjoy their guests while the delicious treat is frozen. Tip: Chill all preparation and serving utensils in the freezer. This will keep the ice cream frozen longer after it is served. Use rock salt instead of fine salt to cause transfer of heat from the ingredients better and cause freezing. For an added fun event, take a trip to a local dairy or ice cream factory to see how ice cream is made.
From the Nutritionist: Cooking this menu is a summer delight. Grill the meat to desired doneness. With the scare of Mad Cow Disease, it is recommended that beef should be cooked well done. Use a meat thermometer to assure accurate testing. Buffalo is tasty, nutritious and just as high in protein as beef with less fat. Choose hot dogs that contain less fatty meat, like turkey or all-beef. Vegetarian hot dogs are also on the market for special food diets. Provide plenty of catsup, mustard and relish for burgers. Coleslaw and a relish plate will supply vitamins and minerals. Slice potatoes very thin with a potato chip cutter and fry in olive, safflower or corn oil. Serve immediately. Although potatoes are a bread exchange, fried they provide a fat exchange as well. Homemade bread will be more nutritious. The buns, also carbohydrates, may be baked that day or baked ahead of time and stored in an airtight food storage container until used. Homemade ice cream is always fun to make while the guests play games, etc. Ice cream is counted as a carbohydrate as well as a serving of calcium. Enjoy America’s birthday during July!
Recipes are available upon request.
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