Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cinco de Mayo Family Mealtime

Meals With A Message
Family Meal Planning
Cinco de Mayo
Suggested Menu:

Frijoles Casserole
Taco Salad
Mexican Cornbread
Mexican Wedding Cakes
Bolero Fruit Cup
Fiesta Tea

Tip: Decorate the table with Mexican or South Western décor. Use cacti for centerpiece.
Hang sombreros and guitars around the room. May use tablecloth, napkins and plates with sombreros or cactus. Talk about people you know from the area or invite guests to share with the family about their native area. Christians may talk about the religious practices there.

Food for Thought:
The good man eats to live, while the evil man lives to eat. Proverbs 13:25 LB

Eating Well for Wellness
When God created people, He placed plenty of food on the earth for healthy survival and enjoyment. Family meal planners should always be concerned about maintaining a healthy family. There are 4 Ps that can help family meal planners be certain that the family eats well for wellness. These are plan and prepare nutritious choices, promote exercise and pray.
The primary concern of family meal planners is to plan and prepare wholesome meals and snacks. Help the family to make wholesome choices throughout the day to balance the nutrient and caloric requirements for their ages. Talk with your family about the food they’ve eaten and adjust home menus. Remind family members that soft drinks are high in sodium and may increase hypertension. Discuss the physical activity of the family members and participate in sports with children, if possible. Encourage deep breathing.
The last P is for prayer. Pray with and for your family. At mealtime set aside a time for quiet reflection and prayer-thanking God for His blessings. As a calm atmosphere is established, food will be digested more efficiently. Heartburn or acid reflux may be avoided. Some food begins to become absorbed into the blood stream as it enters the mouth. For example, bread is begun to digest by the salvia glands so that it can break into starch and be stored in the liver as glycogen. With a pleasant and peaceful environment, the food is chewed slower and the brain may sense greater satisfaction. Therefore, less food is desired; overeating is avoided. To keep the family well, family meal planners are challenged to plan and prepare nutritious meals and snacks, promote physical activity to release stored energy, and pray with and for the family.
Peppers:Peppers are part of a Southwestern meal. They probably originated in the East Indies. Pepper is used as a vegetable, spice or medicine. Some people mix black peppers and honey for a cough remedy. Pepper pods contain vitamin A and C as well as carbohydrate called cellulose. Green or bell, yellow and red peppers may be cooked, served raw as in salads or stuffed. Red pimentos are often mixed with cheese and served as a spread. Berries from pepper plants are called peppercorns. White and black are ground from ripened berries for table use. These are tastier when ground at the time of eating. Red berries are considered exotic. Cayenne and paprika range from hot to mild taste. Green berries may be used in the unripened sate in cooking. Chiles are red and green and very hot. Sauces and chili condiments are often associated with Mexican dishes. Vinegar based hot pepper sauces often compliment southern vegetable dishes like black-eyed peas. Chilies may be dried for future use or decoration.
From the Nutritionist: Our menu has a Southwestern flavor. The Frijoles or beans and meat provide protein. The salad, fruit cup and cornbread supply needed vitamins and minerals. For diabetics the cornbread and wedding cakes are two bread exchanges. The Fiesta Tea is a tea-based punch. Via Com Dios a que proxima publicacion sobre Dia de la Madre- God go with you until next issue about Mother’s Day.
Recipes are available upon request.Comments and questions are welcomed.Please share this web site with a friend.



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