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Dietary Detoxifying Diet

Remove Toxins from your body with this Dietary Detoxifying Diet


Tip: This dietary detoxifying diet is as old as the Bible. In the book of Daniel in the Bible, Daniel and his friends challenged the king’s choice of foods. They chose to eat only vegetables and drink water for 10 days. Read Daniel 1 in the Bible for the results.
Food for Thought:
Well, at the end of the ten days, Daniel and his three friends looked healthier and better nourished than the youths who had been eating food supplied by the king! Daniel 1:15 LB

Family Meal Planning
Eating Well for Wellness
Many illnesses are aggravated by foods that we eat. An excellent method of changing a food habit or determining which food is causing your problems is to follow the dietary toxin waste removal meal plan. Even though the fruits and vegetables may be cooked, they still provide fiber that eliminates any deposits in the colon. Fruits and vegetables also are high in vitamins and minerals and low in cholesterol. This diet is low in protein and fats. Although you are not eating breads, you will be eating carbohydrates that are obtained from the fructose in the fruits and vegetables. Since it takes 30 days to change a habit or remove all toxins from the intestinal system, a dieter is challenged to remain on the water, fruits and vegetables plan for 3-4 weeks. This length of time rids the body of toxins that may be causing food allergies, sinus, arthritis or fatigue problems. Studies show as the body begins to heal itself, the dieter begins to have a better outlook on life and general health. Over time, the dieter may begin to loose weight.

From the Nutritionist: I have modified the Daniel meal plan to include fruits and herbal tea. Detox meal plan: Drink one glass of room temperature water when you get up. At least 30 minutes to1 hour later: drink 1 glass water-beverage- ½ water and ½ lemon juice or orange juice. For breakfast eat 1-2 fruits and drink 1 glass water or cup of herbal tea. A.M. Snack: 2 hours later- eat 1 fruit or 1 cup of fruit combo and drink 1 glass of water. Lunch: Eat 2-4 cups of fruits and/or vegetables and 1 glass water. Snack: 2 hours later-drink 1 cup broth* or bullion and 1 cup herbal tea-green or other. Dinner: 4 cups of fruits and/or vegetables. Drink water or herbal tea. After diner snack-2 hours later: 1 cup herbal tea or water. Water may be chilled after the first glass in the morning. However, most studies show that room temperature reduces craving of other foods. After 2 weeks, you may add 4 oz. of chicken or fish for one meal. During the no meat phase, choose 2 vegetables that have protein. These vegetables will assure the dieter of a more balanced meal. Choose a variety of cooked and fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods may be flavored with kelp or sea salt. After eating salt-free foods, the dieter may prefer only the natural taste of the foods. After 3 to 4 weeks gradually begin adding other foods each week. Start with other meats and nuts. If any time during the week an illness or symptom flares, remove that food from your meals. Next week add dairy, etc. Last add breads. Some fats are needed in a nutritionally balanced meal, but keep them to a minimum. Be conscious of the amount of food and the calories that you are adding as you begin a new meal plan. Do not eat more than you need to maintain your health. As you add foods, modify only one meal a day. Continue to eat fruits and vegetables; drink at least 8 glasses of water or beverages daily. Do not fail to do your deep breathing and walking every day. May you “dare to be a Daniel” and may you eat well for wellness.
* Broth: Save liquid from cooking vegetables or place 2 cups of vegetables in 4 cups of water and cook. When done, make a nutritious drink by blending the vegetables and liquid. Very nourishing!

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