Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine Meal

Feb. 14:
Valentine’s Day
Suggested Menu:
Savory Swiss Steak
Sweet Peas /Glazed-eyed Carrots
Heavenly Hash Fruit Salad
Honey Butter and Angel Biscuits
Decadent Chocolate Cake Heart
Strawberries dipped in Chocolate
Tea for Two
(After dinner)
Hot cocoa topped with whipped cram
Tip: Stick toothpicks in strawberries. Dip the berry in melted chocolate and shake off excess. Turn berry upside down and insert toothpick into a block of Styrofoam or egg carton. Fresh strawberries keep longer if stored in an airtight food storage container with paper towels between the layers and on top. Fresh strawberries are a nutritious snack and diet food.

Food for Thought:
God is Love…. 1 John 4:8LB

Family Meal Planning
Protein along with carbohydrates and fats provide the body’s needed energy. Amino Acids or Protein is the nutrient that is necessary for building and maintaining the cells, tissues and muscles. It is necessary for a healthy heart. A healthy diet needs about 3 serving of protein daily. Family meal planners should include an adequate source of protein foods such as lean meats, milk, eggs and legumes. In a vegetarian diet, meal planners must include high protein vegetables and nuts to provide an adequate amount. Diets lacking adequate protein cause edema in the stomach area.
Chocolate originated in South America. The Indians used it for a delicious drink. With the arrival of the Europeans, chocolate was used for currency. Europeans learned that the solid form of chocolate made delicious candy and could be combined in puddings, cakes and icings. By Victorian times chocolate became associated with romance and love. Soon it became a major part of Valentine’s Day. The caffeine in the chocolate has made it known as a feel "good" food. Research is on going concerning the healthy benefits of chocolate for the heart. Chocolate cookies and candy are excellent foods to share with others in food gift baskets.
From the Nutritionist:
The Bible emphasizes God’s love for people and encourages people to love their families and one another. Christians have long recognized Valentine’s Day as the day for love and romance. One legend says that a man by the name of Valentine, who was imprisoned and in love, sent the first romantic greeting card. It became known as a Valentine card and February 14 became known as Valentine’s Day in honor of his romantic appeal. Our menu this week highlights this event. Our food recipes are easy for a busy family meal planner. The Savory Swiss steak recipe that provides protein and dairy can be prepared ahead of time, placed in a casserole dish and baked while getting the other food on the table. Honey butter is made by mixing honey and butter to spread on Angel biscuits. Diabetics can adjust the Decadent Chocolate cake to a diabetic recipe by substituting unsweetened applesauce for sugar and serving with fresh strawberries. Biscuits and cake serve as 2 bread exchanges for diabetics. To create a more romantic atmosphere after dinner, save orange peels from the Heavenly Hash Fruit Salad and throw into the fire in the fireplace for a captivating aroma. Hot chocolate milk topped with whipped cream may be served as an after dinner delight and a supplement to the dairy requirements. Food meal planners should always balance nutritious foods with exercise for the family members.
Recipes are available upon request.
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