Friday, January 06, 2006

Elvis Presley's Birthday Supper

Meals With A Message

Elvis’ Birthday Theme Supper
Tupelo Chicken Wings
Elvis’ Toasted Peanut Butter-
Banana Sandwich
Blue Hawaii Fruit Salad
Memphis Shake

Tip: Theme suppers are fun! Celebrate Elvis’ birthday with cardboard records suspended from the ceiling. Make musical notes from black construction paper and scatter on white tablecloth. Make napkin rings from paper towel holders, cover with adhesive white paper and glue a musical note onto the side. Glue musical notes onto corner of white napkins. Display any other Elvis memorabilia that you can find. Set the mood with Elvis’ music. Encourage family members or guests to converse about Elvis’ career and life. Christians make discuss his Christian background and love for Gospel songs.

Food for Thought:
Jesus said: You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. John 8:32 LB

Family Meal Planning

Eating Well for Wellness

As you start 2006, continue being health conscious. Plan daily meals and balance nutrients throughout the day by making healthy choices. Avoid fad diets. Seek nutritional facts about foods from labels and other sources. Exercise for 20-30 minutes every day. As you walk or use the treadmill, think of 10 people for whom you can pray. Recall 10 verses of poems, famous sayings or scriptures. Sing 10 choruses. Eat slowly during meals and establish a pleasant atmosphere. Breathe deeply for 10 times in and 10 times out when you feel yourself becoming tense. Plan daily meals and balance nutrients throughout the day by making healthy choices. Set a goal to develop spiritually a little each day. Take the challenge to know the truth about eating well for wellness.

Making Elvis’ Favorite Foods

We have modified Elvis’ favorite foods with more nutritious ingredients. Tupelo Wings are named for the city where Elvis was born. Chicken wings are cooked in a slow cooker in sauce. Sauce is made from grape jelly, barbeque sauce and catsup. Blue Hawaii fruit salad is named for one of his movies. If fresh pineapple is available, slice in half and remove most of pineapple. Reserve shells in refrigerator. Cube apples, pears and bananas; mix with chunked pineapple. Half maraschino cherries and toss with fruit. Fill pineapple shells and keep cool until served. Elvis often had his favorite sandwich flown to his locations. Spread low sodium peanut butter on one slice of whole wheat bread; layer sliced banana, top with another slice of bread and toast lightly. Serve warm. The Memphis shake reminds of us of Elvis’ ability to shake, rattle and roll. Blend skim milk and sugar-free strawberries. Serve chilled.

From the Nutritionist: Protein is found in the chicken and peanut butter. All the fruit and milk supplies vitamins and minerals. Bread provides carbohydrates. Remember nutrients are needed each day to maintain weight and health.

Recipes are available upon request.
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