Friday, March 17, 2006

March Madness

March Madness Saturday Night

Home made Pizza with peppers and zucchini
Fruit Fondue
Yellow Cake in shape of basketball
With brown frosting

Favorite beverages and water

Tip: During the March Madness basketball season, people love to gather in front of televisions and enjoy the games as they encourage their favorite teams to win. Decorate a buffet table with basketball decorations. You can make miniature basketball muffins and place in gift boxes for guests to take home as favors. Store leftover foods in airtight containers. May set out a bowl of basketball shaped candies or nuts to munch.

Food for Thought:

He gives food to every living thing, for His loving kindness continues forever.
Psalm 136:25 LB

Family Meal Planning


Eating is an essential part of our daily lives. Although food is part of cultural heritage, it is needed for proper health. The body utilizes nutrients from the food to maintain a healthy physical condition. The body’s energy is supplied by the nutrients of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The nutrients that are needed for building and maintaining cells, tissues and organs are proteins, minerals and water. To regulate body processes like digestion, absorption, elimination, coagulation of blood and maintenance of normal body temperature, one needs proteins, minerals, vitamins and water. In addition to food providing essential nutrients for nourishment, it satisfies social needs. Traditional meals are served at family gatherings. Special events and parties provide opportunities for caterers and chefs to use special skills in cooking. Family meal planners must always think about both the physiological and psychological functions of food as they prepare menus. They also must consider the challenges of special needs of family members like diabetics, obesity, or hypertension or other diet restrictions. People should be challenged to eat to live not to live to eat.


Family meal planners can serve pizza as a complete meal. It provides, bread, vegetables and meats and dairy products. Homemade pizza is nutritious because the family cook can control the amount of salt and types of meat that are cooked. Cooking biscuit or yeast dough in a pizza pan will facilitate preparations. For quick meals use purchased pizza dough, crescent rolls or bread. If purchased products are used, family meal planers should consider the salt and sugar contents. The type of flour may also need to be considered in special diet food needs. Any lean ground meat such as buffalo, venison, turkey or chicken may be used. However, scrambled lean hamburger meat is usually a favorite. Precook meat and drain off grease to reduce fat even more. Prepared tomato paste has less salt and sugar than pizza or tomato sauce. Homemade tomato sauce is best. For variety the family cook may use spaghetti sauce or catsup. Vegetables may vary for the topping. Squash, peppers, zucchini and onions are recommended to family meal planners for our suggested menu. Top with plenty of cheese. Cheddar may be mixed with the vegetables and finished with a topping of Parmesan. Other ingredients like mushrooms or pepperoni slices may be added or omitted according to the special diet needs or desires of the family. It is easy to convert a pizza to a vegetarian recipe because the meat may be left out. Since it can easily be refrigerated or frozen and served when needed, uncooked homemade pizzas may be given to a friend moving to a new house or to a family with a sick cook. Provide directions for baking in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Usually a 12" homemade pizza serves 4-8 people; depending upon the desired serving size. Word of caution: A homemade pizza may not be a finger food.

From the Nutritionist: Our March Madness menu for the family meal planner is for a pizza party. Pizza is a favorite food item with family members and guests. It is more nutritious when made at home. The meat provides the protein. The vegetables in the pizza, slaw and fruit supply minerals and vitamins. The cheese in the pizza gives needed calcium. Melt chocolate or caramel sauce and dip fruit chunks for dessert. Make cake ahead of time and frost to resemble a basketball. Provide favorite beverages and plenty of water.

Recipes are available upon request.

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