Monday, March 13, 2006

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Meal

Suggested Menu:

Corn Beef Brisket
Cabbage Pickled Beets
Irish Soda Bread
Grasshopper Pie
Green Cool Ade Irish Coffee

Tip: March 17th is named in honor of a young man who was born in Great Britain. At an early age he was taken to Ireland as a slave. After he escaped, he became a Christian and went back to Ireland as a missionary monk. He is called Saint Patrick because many miracles have been credited to him. Contrary to belief, he never drove snakes into the sea, but he witnessed to the “heathern” Irish who may have been called snakes because of their pagan ways. During family mealtime, Christians may talk about St. Patrick’s Bible beliefs and his missionary efforts in Ireland.
Food for Thought:
How shall they hear about Him unless someone tells them? Romans 10:14bLB

Family Meal Planning
Fiber is the cellulose part of a fruit or vegetable. It is necessary for normal function of the intestines. Since fiber is almost indigestible, it passes through the intestinal tract as bulk, thus removing waste products. This helps in the prevention of colon cancer. Cabbage is an example. Other sources include any leafy vegetable, fibrous fresh fruit, whole grains and nuts. 1- 2 servings of fiber are needed every day.
Cabbage is a nutritious food. It is often used as a diet food for controlling obesity. Diabetics find cabbage a wholesome food since it has only natural sugar. Cabbage is a good source of both fiber and Vitamin C. Look for heads that are compact and heavy. Feel of the head before buying. Avoid yellowing or worm eaten leaves. Cabbage is available all year round and makes a good wintertime dish. Basic cooking includes rinsing head in salted cold water and shaking water out. Cut into wedges and steam or boil in salted water or beef stock for about 20 minutes. May add a piece of ham to add flavor. Serve warm. For 6 servings use 3 lbs.
From the Nutritionist: Family meal planners will discover this menu is a fun way of providing nutritious foods. Not only is the menu colorful, but also family meal planners with weight management concerns. Other special need groups like diabetics will find the meal healthy. Choose as lean corn beef brisket as possible. The food recipe for Corn beef brisket is easy cooking by placing into a slow cooker or cooking in a Dutch oven for at least 3 ½ hours. May cook cabbage in broth during the last 20 minutes. If pickled beets are not available, make your own. Irish soda bread may be made ahead of time. Store extra loaves or scones or 4 leaf clover shapes in food storage containers; place in food gift baskets decorated with shamrocks and give to shut-ins. For grasshopper pie tint cream cheese and cool whip with green food coloring and mint flavoring. Pour into a chocolate cookie crust. This pie can be converted into a diabetic recipe by omitting sugar and making crust out of sugar free cookies. Family meal planners may substitute cherry syrup for liquor in an Irish coffee recipe and top with tinted green whipped cream. Diabetics may omit the syrup.
Recipes are available upon request.
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