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Balancing pH acid and Alkaline foods

Acid/Alkaline Foods
pH Balance of Food

Baked Chicken
Sweet Potatoes
Carrot/Raisin Salad
Corn Bread
Fig Bars

Tip: Sweet potatoes will not turn dark if placed in 5 t. salt to 1 qt. water as peeled.

Food for Thought: Thus says the Lord God…Like these good figs…I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the Lord. Jeremiah 24: 5-7 NIV

Eating Well for Wellness

To eat well for wellness, the family meal planner should balance meals with proper food ratio. As foods are metabolized, the nutrients go into the blood stream and are absorbed into the cells for future use. Enzymes break down the nutrients. Nutrients leave an acid or alkaline residue in the body. When nutrients are balanced, people have more energy and a wholesome outlook on life.

Diabetics are especially affected by unbalanced nutrients. When diabetes is uncontrolled, acetone appears in the urine that causes ketosis, a condition that can lead to unconsciousness. Foods that are alkaline-based include fruit and vegetables. Acid-based foods include meats, eggs, and dairy products, whole grains, and beans. An imbalance or lack of Vitamin A may cause night blindness.

The lack of Vitamin C can cause scurvy. Too much iron may cause heart problems, while lack of iron causes anemia. Too much salt or the minerals like sodium chloride may cause high blood pressure. Lack of iodine that is usually added to common table salt causes goiter. Lack of protein may cause kwashiorkor.

Lack of protein, carbohydrates and fats cause fatigue, yet too much sugar or carbohydrates may interfere with the production of insulin. An imbalance of calcium and Vitamin D may cause rickets and bowed legs. Without a balance of fats, a body may become obese or have insufficient padding to protect the vital organs.

Some natural health authorities suggest that people should eat about 80% alkaline foods and about 20 % acid forming foods each day. Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods while meats often are considered more acidic. When vegetable seeds are sprouting, they are higher in alkaline.

That is why alternative health experts often advice people to add bean sprouts to their diets. The proper balance of nutrients is very important to the body’s chemistry. To ensure optimum health of the family, the family meal planner should always encourage proper nutrition, plenty of exercise and deep breathing.

From the Nutritionist: The baked chicken has protein that is needed for growing children as well as forming new cells in the body. The greens, sweet potatoes, carrots and raisins are high in Vitamins A and C and minerals. The corn meal for the bread is often fortified with Vitamin B that is helpful for mental stability. Chicken also provides peaceful feelings. The fig bars are high in vitamins and minerals and are considered excellent alkaline foods.

Below is a fig bar recipe:

Fig Bar recipe:
½ c. butter
½ c. honey
¼ c. molasses
2 eggs
1 t. vanilla flavoring
2-¼ c. whole-wheat flour
¼ t. soda
Butter should be at room temperature. Cream butter with honey and molasses. Beat in egg and vanilla. Mix flour and soda. Mix butter mixture, egg mixture with flour mixture and make pliable dough. Chill while cooking fig filling.

Fig filling:
4 c. figs
2-½ c. water
3 T. lemon juice
¼ c. molasses

Combine figs, waters, lemon juice and molasses. Cook over low heat until thick.
Roll out dough between two pieces of wax paper. Place ½ of dough in 8"x8" glass dish. Spread fig mixture over top and layer another piece of dough on top. Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool and cut into bars.

Recipes are available upon request.
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