Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cook Fest Awards

After much deliberation, the Meals with a Message
Cook Fest Awards have been awarded to:

The Best Food Taster: Smash

Best Potato Masher: Pops

Most photogenic cooks: Megan and Janice

Helped with the Most dishes, Best Food tester:

Most Unusual Named dish: Monkey Bread
(We were glad she didn't use monkey gland sauce.)
Best family recipe from cookbook Callaway Cookin': sweet potatoes; Best Salad:

Best hors d’oeuvre: Mike for Space Pigs in Blanket with Space Ship and emblem

Most scrumptious dish: Megan for Pumpkin Dip

Most Unique dish: Will for Chocolate Chip Crepes (pancakes)

Meals with a Message Judge: Mops

Meals With A Message Cook Fest Awards
We are looking forward to next years event.




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