Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall Fest Meal

Family Fall Fest
Grilled meats
Tossed Salad
Crock Pop Bars

Tip: Collect fall leaves and scatter down the center of the table. Make spider webs and other fall decorations and place around the area. Allow children to place fall leaf stickers on edge of napkins. May use different autumn colors for plates and glasses; they do not need to be the same color.

Food for Thought:
Samuel grew; the Lord was with him and he did not let His words fall to the ground.
1 Samuel 3:19

Family Meal Planning
Fiber is the cellulose part of a fruit or vegetable. It is necessary for normal function of the intestines. Since fiber is almost indigestible, it passes through the intestinal tract as bulk, thus removing waste products. This helps in the prevention of colon cancer. Cabbage and lettuce are examples. Other sources include any leafy vegetable, fibrous fresh fruit, whole grains and nuts. 1- 2 servings of fiber are needed every day.

From the Nutritionist: It is important to provide growing children with nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. You should also make the meal delicious. Decorating is part of eye appeal for youngsters. Let them help make the nutritious bars. The bars can be wrapped and used for a Fall Fest party. Store leftovers in airtight containers and decorate with hand colored fall leaves. Take to shut-ins.


Grilled Meats

Place steaks, shrimp and/or chicken on grill and cook.

Tossed Salad

Mix greens, carrots slices, chopped tomatoes and with cucumber dressing. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Crock-Pot Bars*
¼ c. margarine
4 cups mini marshmallows
1-cup quick oats
1 c. crushed cinnamon graham crackers
½ c. c raisins
½ c. ground flax seed
½ c. sunflower seeds, roasted

Place in crock-pot, margarine and marshmallows to melt in the crock-pot about 30 minutes in home pot. When creamy, add oats, c-raisins, crackers, flax seed and sunflower seeds.
Then mix well.
May cool in crock-pot and cut in bars or pour into an 8x8” sprayed pan.
Makes 6 bars.
* Easy recipe for children or busy moms who multi-task while cooking.

Pink Lemonade

6 lemons
1 cup sugar
1 quart water
1 drop red food coloring
fresh mint leaves

Juice lemons and mix with water. Add sugar and stir. Add red food coloring. Fill pitcher with ice or pour over an ice ring and serve like punch. Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint for color.

Happy Cooking!




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