Meals with a Message

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crock Pot Chicken N Dressing

Mother's Day Dinner

Chicken N Dressing

Lettuce Salad

Favorite dressing

Strawberry pie

Food for Thought: She shall be blessed. Proverbs 31:28

Crock Pot Chicken N Dressing

2 cups chopped chicken or turkey

3 cups corn bread crumbs

1 cup flour bread crumbs

1/4 c. chopped onion

1 T. parsley flakes

1 t. salt

1/4 t. pepper

1 T. poultry seasoning

4 eggs

4 cups broth

Mix crumbs, seasoning, onion and parsley with eggs and broth. Add chicken. Mix well. Spray crock pot dish with non-stick spay. Pour dressing into pot and bake on high for 45 minutes. Check for desired doneness.

Serve with favorite salad and dressing. Top off with strawberry dessert.

Strawberry Pie

1 cup chopped strawberries, fresh or frozen

1 package jello

1 package cream cheese

1 large container whipped topping

1 can wafers sticks

Make a crust for bottom of spring cake pan using graham crackers, cookies or crumbs. Pack well. Line sides of pan with wafer sticks.

Bring cream cheese to room temperature. Mix with jello and whipped topping. Fold in the strawberries. Pour into spring pan and refrigerate overnight. May top with wafer crumbs.

From Nutritionist: This is an easy spring time meal. The chicken and dressing can cook while you are visiting with Mother. The chicken provides the protein while the dressing gives carbohydrates. The salad will give vitamins and minerals. Make the pie ahead of time. All you have to do for the meal is slice and serve! The pie recipe may be altered with low fat whipped topping, low fat cream cheese and no-sugar jello. Since the carbohydrates in the dressing and pie are high, a diabetic will need to adjust portions. Place left-overs in air tight containers and send home with Mom to enjoy later. Happy Mother's Day!